Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Space Enthusiast
Contact: [email protected]
Commissions: CLOSED


★ Hi, call me what you want. I mostly go by Naomi though.
★ Been on the internet since 2009 and went through all the phases, fandoms and internet fads one can possibly imagine.
★ Raichu is my favorite pokemon. I'm also fond of Pikachu. Pichu is cute too...
★ I like drawing, so let me draw for you sometime I guess.

Please send commission inquiries to [email protected]
Payment is done through Paypal's invoice system.
Prices listed below are for personal commissions only.

Will Draw

  • OCs (Original Characters)

  • Fandom

  • Outfit/Character Designs

  • Couples / Groups

  • Animals

  • No Visual Refs

Won't Draw

  • NFTs

  • NSFW

  • Realism

  • Mecha

  • Fetish

  • Art for Exposure

  • Anything Racist, Sexist, Transphobic + will not accept commissions from people who have these views

Sketch Commissions  
Flats2 Revisions$20
Inked Commissions  
Chibi / Simple3 Revisions$40
Regular Style3 Revisions$60
Fully Illustrated Commissions  
Fully Illustrated Character with Simple Background5 Revisions$80
Fully Illustrated Character with Complex Background5 Revisions (5 more for Background)$100
Additional Costs 
Addtional Characters+$10 for each character
Backgrounds+$10 (or more depending on complexity)

With The Art You Receive...

You Can

  • Edit

  • Crop

  • Repost (with credit is preferred but not required)

  • Color or Recolor

  • Trace (but not post)

  • Put it in your free projects

You Can't

  • Sell on redbubble, inprint, etc.

  • Claim it as your own

  • Turn it into an NFT

  • Turn it into an adoptable

  • Put it in a commercial project (a project that can earn you profit)



Fully Illustrated